Interview with Binho Ribeiro by Alessandra Ioalé for Street Art Attack

Immagine Copertina_Binho @ Art Rua 2013 Rio De Janeiro

During these last weeks I had the pleasure to interview Binho Ribeiro, one of the first Brazilian graffiti pioneers based in Sao Paolo, who is famous for his colored imaginary series of characters. He usually travels a lot and he has painted in several cities all around the world, such as during his last participation at Wynwood Walls in Miami and at Meeting of styles in Latin America.
We spoke of different kind of topics within this interview, in which he also retraced his experiences as a curator of the International Biennial of Graffiti Fine Art, where the Italian artist Etnik was invited in the last edition (here is the interview to the artist by Giada Pellicari), and of the Museu Aberto de Arte Urbana (MAAU), which is an important urban art project in Sao Paolo.
If you want to see his artworks by yourselves you should go to the Amazing Day Art Exhibition, which opens on the 11th of this month at Locate di Triulzi (MI), where he will be one of the artists exhibiting.

Alessandra: You started as a graffiti-writer in the 1984, becoming one of the first important old school ones from Sao Paulo. Can you tell us about the scene of your city?
Binho: At that time there wasn`t a graffiti scene. The artists came up as few ones, the crews were taking shape and some walls started being painted by them. Today Sao Paulo counts around five thousand graffiti writers.

Binho @ Wall Therapy 2013 Rochester NY

Binho @ Wall Therapy 2013 Rochester NY

A: You are both a curator and a graffiti artist. Can you tell us something about your style? Where do you get inspiration from?
B: As an artist I have my classic graffiti tags, characters, scenarios, wild style and some screens from this traditional work. I also developed one conceptual line, where I made use of figurate animals with color and peculiar style. This line of the work is the proposal that I use when I`m exhibiting inside galleries and museums.
My inspiration comes from the Brazilian colors, animals that transmit life, movement and positive energy. Acting as a curator I explored my experience of thirty years in this cultural area in Brazil, Latin America and other territories around the world. The connection with artists and cultural producers gave to me the possibility in order to identify the style, the concepts and artists behave from many places around the world. Therefore I turn my trusteeship unique and authentic.

Binho Characters 2014

Binho Characters 2014

A: You are also the curator of the International Biennial GFA at the MUBE museum. How the Biennial Fine Art Graffiti has started in Sao Paulo city?
B: Trough an invitation from the Museu Brasileiro de Esculturas MUBE (Brazilian Museum of Esculpture) to develop a project that would bring the urban art inside a museum, I realized the opportunity of doing something that was different from other cases. With the success of the first exhibitions, we started the project of creating a biennial by turning the posterior exhibitions into something bigger and more embracing.
It started in 2009 and since from the first biennial, we kept running other exhibitions, all of them with outcomes characterized by great results within media and public. Then the second biennial came with great success and the number of visitors estimated in fifty five thousand people in a month. Now we are working on the third biennial that should open on the first semester of 2015.

Binho @ GFA Los Angeles

Binho @ GFA Los Angeles

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Pics by Binho


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