Panico Totale at Hole of Fame Gallery | Book presentation in Dresden!

The 4th of may, in occasion of the exhibition “Walls, Trains & Vagabonds”, part of the Accomplices Across Borders series at the Hole of Fame Gallery in Dresden, the book PANICO TOTALE Pisa Convention 1996 – 2000 by Alessandra Ioalé will be present. This book is the first book about the history of a Hip Hop convention that ran for 5 years in Italy. The book provides a section where it is described the Tuscan scene of graffiti art and Hip Hop culture, and provides a second section with wonderful photographic selection of the walls realized each years of the Panico Totale convention. The book is fundamental to study the development of this scene and to know the roots some important Italian urban artists today, like Ozmo, Etnik, Aris and Zed1.

The book

Between 1996 and 2000, Panico Totale has been one of the most important European graffiti conventions. It was organized in Pisa and really supported graffiti and hip hop cultures in spreading all around Italy. As the result of a massive 3 years’ research by Alessandra Ioalè, this book now provides a section where it is described the Tuscan scene of graffiti art and Hip Hop culture. This part is based on to a series of 20 interviews with more than 50 writers that have taken part to Panico Totale. As much as, the book provides of a wonderful selection of more than 100 photos of walls, flyers, documents and memorabilia coming from several private archives. The book comes with a double face jacket where the Etnik’s illustration designed for the 1998 edition’s poster of Panico Totale, is reproduced.

“Accomplices Across Borders – Walls, Trains & Vagabonds” at the Hole of Fame Gallery

It’s a daily affair to cross borders in Street and Urban Art Scene. Artists move naturally in Europe and around the world. They count less on official financial support as on an international network of artists and activists. That type of exchange is focussed in the exhibition Walls, Trains & Vagabonds which invites artists and curators from France, Ukraine, Italy, Belgium and Germany to come to Dresden. The artists: Jens Besser (D), Blasej Ruzin (UKR), WanderlustSocialClub (F/BEL). The curators: Eric Vogel (DE) Alessandra Ioalè (IT).

2017 Hole of Fame widens the series “Accomplacies” by the project „Across Borders“. Therefore the networking of artists is pursued – artists whom borders block opportunities for exhibitions and cooperations or artists working across border anyway. The series researches for answers about the questions “whether” and „how“ intellectual and real existent borders due to artistic work are crossed and how to go abroad the networks resulting out of this practice.

Hole of Fame is supported by Cultural Foundation Of Saxony, the Department for Culture – City of Dresden and Foundation “Äußere Neustadt”.


Alessandra Ioalé – Art Historian. Born in Pisa (Italy) in 1982. After the study in History of Contemporary Art, she get in touch with the first examples of urban muralism and she holds important the study of the Writing, on which she writes essays and articles today. In the last five years she has collaborated with Italian artists and other cultural professionals of the urban art. She curated solo show and wrote critical texts for some of the more active and representative italian artists of the post-graffitism and international urban muralism, as independent curator and historian of Graffiti Writing’s discipline.



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PANICO TOTALE Pisa Convention 1996 – 2000

by Alessandra Ioalé

I-XV, 96 pages, colour, hardcover, with dust jacket.

First limited edition of 500 signed and numbered by Etnik.

Language: Italian.

Prize: 18 euro
Year: 2016


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