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Roa : Stop Over – Graffiti Art Magazine

Via Roa : Stop Over – Graffiti Art Magazine.

Art Basel Miami

José Parlá @ Haunch of Venison – Graffiti Art Magazine

08 FEB – 28 MAR 2013

Haunch of Venison presents its first solo exhibition of New York based artist José Parlá.  Born in Miami of Cuban parents artist José Parlá’s vibrant works explore the multi-layered histories of cities and urban environments; his paintings and site-specific installations are created both in his large carriage house studio and also works outside throughout city surfaces. His expressive painting style and layers of ephemera and found objects combined with calligraphic abstraction have a lyrical feel to them, are uniquely his. This exhibition presents new paintings, works on paper, photographs and sculptures throughout our three gallery spaces.

Via José Parlá @ Haunch of Venison – Graffiti Art Magazine.

“7 lights – 7 lives” – Satone for dirtyface for Molotow

At the end of 2012 we hooked up with SatOne and Molotow to produce the film short, “7 Lights – 7 Lives”. The project brought together Germany’s premium paint company, MOLOTOW with one of Germany’s most talented artists, SatOne. Captured over two days we document the creation of a huge wall piece by the Munich based artist, exposing his unique style and fresh approach to painting walls.

Juxtapoz Magazine – Opening: “(Almost) Free Formed”: Chris Johanson, Barry McGee, and Laurie Reid @ City College, SF | Current

Last night, we attended the opening of a special exhibition at City College in San Francisco, (Almost) Free Formed, featuring collaborative works of former City College students Barry McGee, Chris Johanson, and Laurie Reid. The quiet, intimate night was highlighted by the trio’s organization and layout of the show, and also gave notice to the importance of SF’s City College to some of the most successful and influential artists to come out of San Francisco in recent decades.

Via Juxtapoz Magazine – Opening: “(Almost) Free Formed”: Chris Johanson, Barry McGee, and Laurie Reid @ City College, SF | Current.