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“Promise” new wall by Giulio Vesprini for WöW Urban Art Project | Video

PROMISE, a street art intervention by artist Giulio Vesprini. The work has been created between the 5th and the 7th of February in “Piazza della Pace”, a multicultural working-class neighborhood in Terni, Umbria. The launch of the graffiti is schedule for Sunday the 21th of February at 4.30pm. It will be a collective celebration together with the artist himself and the community of Piazza della Pace. The artistic project comes to light thanks to the “Associazione Culturale Primavere Urbane” with the support of Terni Council, Ater, Asm spa and the cultural proposal of Valentino of Terni. “Primavere Urbane” chooses Piazza della Pace and the artist Giulio Vesprini as starting points for “WOW- URBAN ART PROJECT”.
“WoW” is the need to rediscover an own identity through astonishment. The urban fabric of our cities asks to be questioned and interpreted; in the streets, in the neighborhoods lurk micro worlds of realities which ask to be lived and watched. Art is the only means through which time and space can communicate, creating an urban pattern made by different and dynamic variables. “WoW” is a proposal, an attempt of interpretation, but also an empty wall where everyone is asked to impress those signs which in future will disseminate the story of our present. “WoW” has in fact come to life with an artwork named PROMISE, the promise that artist Giulio Vesprini makes to the city of Terni, a wish of continuity and aggregation aiming to transform Piazza della Pace in an outdoor work of art. The objective is to create a “piazza work of art”, made up by the exchange by inhabitants and artists: A place of identities and memories to take care of and from which restarting: Giulio Vesprini’s PROMISE embodies all this.
Born in Civitanova Marche in 1980, artist Giulio Vesprini defines himself an arch-graphic. Since 2007 he exhibits in national and international art galleries, always maintaining a close link with Urban Art. Since 2009 he curates “Vedo A Colori” an urban regeneration project set in Civitanova Marche. Artist Giulio Vesprini describes his project in Piazza della Pace as “An artwork characterized by two main compositions: A graphic source which encounters the gradual deformation of the theme of the circle and a source with botanical elements applied on top as a collage. This second source represents the revenge of nature over the excessive use of cement; Nature regains its own spaces. The graphic line gives equilibrium to the structure, highlights active urban movements and gives life and voice to an otherwise anonymous house. Stepping back from the graffiti you can see a heart, not as graphic synthesis, but as an organ. The artwork is signed with a progressive number and a keyword which in this case is PROMISE. There are several references connected to this name: the “promise festival” of Terni which starts exactly when the artwork is completed (7th February) and a street art promise made to the Terni people, a gift which talks about identity through colors”.

Video by LUCIO Desiati

INSOMNIA new wall by SatOne in Mannheim (DE) | Video

Il nuovo video del murales realizzato in ottobre a Mannheim dall’artista tedesco Rafael Gerlach aka SatOne dal titolo “Insomnia” per il progetto Stadt.Wand.Kunst in collaborazione con Montana Cans. Attraverso il suo stile inconfondibile e rivoluzionario nell’ambito del post-graffitismo, che si costruisce per elementi geometrici astratti dalla realtà urbana definiti in una composizione cromatica studiata fin nelle minime sfumature, SatOne in dialogo con le architetture circostanti riesce a dare alla facciata cieca un nuovo senso, più visionario e d’impatto per scuotere e andare oltre l’ordinarietà visiva di un intero quartiere, in questo caso del distretto di Neckarstadt in cui è collocato il palazzo.

Photo by MONTANA-CANS / Manuel Wagner & Frank Bässler

Video by Christian Brand


“Intersection” by 2501 in Rome | Video

Il video realizzato da Blindeye Factory del wallpainting dell’artista 2501 per il suo progetto espositivo NOMADIC EXPERIMENT – On the brink of disaster, curato e prodotto dalla Wunderkammern Gallery di Roma da Giugno a Luglio 2015

The video of the wallpainting realized by 2501 in Rome for his project NOMADIC EXPERIMENT – On the brink of disaster, curated and produced by Wunderkammern Gallery in Rome from June till July 2015.

Video produced by Wunderkammern Gallery

VIDEO production
Blind eye Factory
Francesco Possenti
Elettra Costa

Immagine di copertina photo credit BlindEye Factory